Christmas Garden Clear Out Tips from WA Skips

Christmas Garden Clear Out Tips from WA Skips

Christmas is upon us and for most of us, we like to take advantage of the sunny Perth climate and spend time al-fresco. Having you Christmas lunch outdoors, planning a BBQ in the evening or a pool party are just some of the ways we celebrate Christmas in the garden but before you start hanging the tinsel, you need a Christmas clearance!

Your garden will be the focal point and with so many friends and family over you want it to look its best. Here are my top 4 pointers for a Christmas clearance in time for the big day.

Organise a Skip Bin Hire Perth

The last thing you want to do is litter your front garden with black sacks of waste. Most of it won’t fit in the bins and with rubbish collection limited during the festive season, you want to dispose of your waste quickly and easily. A mini skip bin hire Perth is the ideal way to trash your rubbish before it is collected and disposed of correctly.

Clean Up the Greenery

As well as broken plant pots and unused pool toys, you want to spend some time digging out the weeds, trimming overhanging branches and removing dead plants and replacing with new ones. Garden waste accumulates very quickly and just a tidy up, trim and removal of trees, plants, bushes and hedgerows in both your front and back garden will make a big difference

Choose a Focal Point

Are you having your Christmas lunch or dinner in the under cover area or will you be laying out a grazing table by the pool? Wherever you choose, make sure you clean the surrounding areas and throw away old or broken outdoor furniture, damp or mouldy outdoor cushions or even that old BBQ that has been left in the corner.

Organise a Weekend Well In Advance

You don’t want to leave the garden clearance til the last minute. Sure you want it to look its best on the day so it may be tempting to do it a weekend in advance. But bear in mind you will have a lot to do in the run up to Christmas such as the gift shopping, decorating the house, Christmas grocery shopping, nativity plays and carols. If you leave the Christmas clearance to the last minute, you may find you don’t have the time to fit it in and it could be left undone

Hire a Professional

Call WA Skips and find out what type and size skip bin you need and book it in using their simple booking process. WA Skips are Perth’s leading skip bin hire company and can offer you all the right advice, tips and a free no-obligation quote.