Don’t Dump Your Car, Scrap it!

scrap metal recycling

Do you know how much your junk car is actually worth? Most people try to sell it off with no luck. You can easily spend time and money trying to shift a car that is unroadworthy and beyond repair that no-one really wants. It eventually ends up being taken to a junk yard or taking up valuable space in your garage. However by utilising the services of a scrap metal removal company you can actually get rid of your car AND make some money in the process. Metal recycling Perth is fast becoming the best way to help save the environment and earn some quick cash and here’s the top 4 reasons why:

  1. Most often you can get something from your car even if it has been in an accident, is badly damaged and no longer suitable for driving. All you need to do is take your car to pieces and you will soon realise just how much scrap metal you have to sell. This includes all your car parts such as batteries, alternators, catalytic convertors, radiators, alloy wheels and even the nuts, screws and bolts. All these parts are of value to scrap metal removal companies. Even a car with no salvageable parts can still be sold for scrap metal and they will pay you a great amount for the cast iron, copper and aluminium.
  2. You don’t need to worry about putting in ads, spending time waiting for people to show up, only to be let down or be led up the garden path. Reputable and credible scrap metal removal companies like Dream Lucky are more than happy to come to you at a time and date that is convenient for you.
  3. You get instant cash and with Dream Lucky Scrap Removal, that also means great rates of pay. They can save you from disposing of the metal and give you great value. If your car is a well known brand such as a Toyota you can actually get even better rates.
  4. Helping to save the environment. While you are earning money from selling your car for metal recycling Perth you are also helping to save the environment. All items that have been scrapped are then reused or recycled, reducing the landfill sites and saving energy, conserving finite resources and putting that money back into the economy.

Dream Lucky Scrap Metal is the leading specialists in car removal Perth. They come highly recommended due to their outstanding customer service, knowledge, environmentally responsible processes and of course great rates of pay. They even provide a demolition clean up service so call their Bayswater team on 0411 747 174 to get more information on how you can make money from metal recycling Perth.