Kyocera KC85T-85Watts Solar Panel Reviews

Solar-X is a company which produces “bolt in” equivalent solar panels for models which have been discontinued by the original producers. The Kyocera KC85T-Equivalent Solar Panel, also known as Solar X MSX-KC85 is designed to fit the equipment used for the KC85T and can easily replace the panels which no longer function properly or can be connected to other KC85T system already existent. The panel is also similar in specifications with the original model, with some small alterations. Let’s take a look at its features and see how this “replacement” panel can be fitted in your system.

Important features of the Kyocera KC85T-Equivalent Solar Panel 85 Watts

The Solar X MSX-KC85 produces 85 Watts in Standard Test Conditions (Irradiance =1000W/m2, module temperature of 25o and A.M. of 1.5). It is used for powering 12V batteries, but can also be wired for 6V.

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Solar Cell – similarly to the KC85T, the solar cells used by Solar-X for these panels are “Grade A” polycrystalline cells. The company does not use low quality, second hand or refused solar cells for their panels and claims to maintain the same high quality materials that were originally employed for durable and efficient solar panels. Each one of the 36 cells is coated with Silicon Nitride (SiN) for added protection and increased cell efficacy. The KC85T boosted a 16% cell efficacy, but no specification is given for its equivalent in this respect.

Durability – the company gives a 25 years limited power guarantee for this type of panels, 5 years more than the guarantee offered by Kyocera for the KC85T.

Installation – the panels come with pre-drilled holes and anodized aluminum frame (1.37″ to 1.97″ thick) for easy installation. The distance between hoes is A=20.67inches and B= 24.13 inches to match the original KC85T model. The rear of the panel is sealed to avoid moisture from getting inside, while the frame is treated to prevent corrosion. The company also provides (for an extra charge) suitable support, brackets and mounting accessories for a perfect installation on different surfaces.

Output tolerance – the KC85T-equivalent solar panels have a -5% to +10% output tolerance, which means that the amount of energy provided in good conditions varies between 80.6 Watts and 93.5 Watts.

Resistance – the panels are designed to function properly in harsh weather conditions, such as temperatures ranging from -40oC to +85oC. The high strength polymer sheet ensures a good insulation and prevents mechanical damage so that the solar panels will resist in time.

Dimensions – the solar panels measure 2.3 x 25.7 x 39.6 inches and weighs 20 pounds, which puts them into the mid-size solar panel category.

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Interconnectivity – the maximum voltage system for these KC85T-equivalend solar panels is 600V and their open circuit voltage is 21.7V which means that a user can connect up to 27 panels to create a functional system.

Clients’ opinion on Kyocera KC85T-Equivalent Solar Panel 85 Watts

This type of solar panels has a score of 5 out of 5 from one client who has purchased them. Given the scarce information from users, it is hard to properly evaluate the customers’ experience with the KC85T-equivalend solar panels. However, it must be noted that the person who has reviewed the panels is highly satisfied with the way the product work and has decided to purchase more similar panels for personal use.

Solar Panel Reviews Conclusion

The Kyocera KC85T-Equivalent Solar Panel 85 Watts (Solar X MSX-KC85) is a good solar panel and it is recommended for users who have already purchased the KC85T and need to replace one (or more) panels without replacing the entire fitting and conversion system. They can also be used to charge boat batteries, 12 Volt battery charging, for emergency communications, SCADA systems & monitoring, for railway signal lighting, street lighting systems, small-scale irrigation pumping, cathodic protection and oil & gas.