Safe and Secure Product & Information Disposal with WA Skips

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Disposing of unwanted products is not as easy as simply throwing them in the waste bin. If you have obsolete, out of date or faulty products, you need a product destruction service to get rid of the waste securely, safely and responsibly and that is where WA Skips can help.

WA Skips are well respected and experienced product destruction service provider within Perth, WA . We work with organisations and individuals and supply skip bin hire, securely destroy sensitive documents and stock disposal.

Whether you have electronic devices, food, beverages, paints, textiles and clothing, personal documentation, company files or sensitive data, our machine and hand-operated procedures will take apart, break down, shred or crush them all quickly and efficiently.

What Products Do You Need To Hire A Product Destruction Service For?

Here at WA Skips, we offer more than skip bin hire. We securely dispose of a wide range of materials and will create a tailor-made solution specifically to your needs and requirements. The WA Skips team of knowledgeable and experienced staff are always on hand to advice you of what and how to destroy any type of item.

No matter what you want destroyed, we can guarantee we will protect your brand, product and information security particularly when it comes to security items such as personal information, economic information and company sensitive documents.

Nowadays most sensitive information is kept in digital formats. With regards to disposal of such digital information, WA Skips will destroy hard drives and USB drives, CD’s and DVD’s, PC’s, notebooks, iPads and laptops, printers, cassette and video tapes, phones and webcams. These digital devices are destroyed in its entirety to guarantee complete elimination and not just deletion, of sensitive information and personal data.

What about General Consumer Waste Disposal?

If you need to dispose of general electronic wastes such as white goods, lighting and any unwanted power devices, our WA Skips skip bin hire Perth will ensure you can remove these items properly. Such waste may not be feasibly to place in regular bin or taken straight to the dump site as some of the items may contain traces of lead or mercury. We will deliver and pick up the perfect size skip for your needs and recycle or dispose of the items responsibly.

Our code of ethics and responsibility to the environment means we recycle where possible. We recover and recycle as much material as possible before we destroy the products. Items we recycle include food packaging or product packaging. Once we have reclaimed reusable materials, our secure destruction service will destroy all personal documentation and dangerous products with complete privacy and transparency.

How Do I Know My Items Have Been Properly Destroyed?

As part of the service, we also provide a comprehensive audit trail and Certificate of Destruction to prove your products have been safely and completely destroyed. We also have secure cameras that record our destruction processes, so if requested, we will also be able to provide video evidence of the secure destruction items and even accommodate a representative to witness the process.

Don’t leave safe destruction of your items to chance. With so many cases of identity theft as well as an environmental crackdown, you need to entrust your needs to a specialist team. So no matter what you need destroyed, our complete service means we will take care of everything for you. We ensure complete peace of mind and our 24/7 support number and friendly Perth Based customer service team are happy to speak with you regarding specific questions or queries.