Why You Should Consider DIY Solar Panels

DIY Solar Panels

You can be one of the many who complain about their sky rocketing power bills, or you can be one of the people who does something about it with DIY solar panels. Which one are you?

Where to Purchase DIY Solar Panels

In order to have solar power, one must first purchase solar panels. Solar panels are available in a wide variety of places. Many turn to online sites to purchase their solar panels. A simple online search with any search engine should pop up some popular sites that will easily show where these panels may be purchased. Solar panels can also be purchased in second hand stores, from someone who has bought more than they need or made from scratch. No matter how you do it, you’re going to save a lot of money.

What Size Should I Buy?

Solar panels come in a wide variety of sizes and can easily be mixed and matched to provide the amount of power anyone needs. Whether you’re seeking a solar panel to power only your outdoor lighting, your garage or your home, there is a panel that will be perfect for your needs. Many panels look like windows or skylights so don’t worry about the fact that you’re using solar power detracting from your home. Most home owners will actually cover an entire area of a home in order to have all the power they desire.

Can I Build My Own Solar Panels

DIY Solar Panels are indeed available. Instructions can easily be found online and in libraries. An advantage to building your own solar panels is that you’ll know exactly how they work and why and thus be able to work on them easier. Although this is a huge project, for someone who is very interested it can be a great way to get started in a new business and in saving money on your energy costs. It will also be a great way to know exactly how many solar panels one needs for their own power needs and requirements.

Do All Sized Solar Panels Provide The Same Power?

No, your solar power is provided according to the size of solar panels. That is why many home owners who choose to use solar panels have an entire roof top of solar panels. The panels can only hold so much energy so the more energy required powering the home, the more solar panels needed. Solar power is renewable and the power will be constantly regenerating during the daylight hours.

How Much Will It Cost For DIY Solar Panels?

Since solar panels come in a variety of sizes the cost will depend upon how large the area is that one is choosing to provide solar power to. If one is doing an entire house the cost could be upwards of $1000 but as little as $100 depending upon whether or not someone has chosen commercially built panels, or is building them themselves. Also take into consideration supplies that are already on hand. Many are great at scouting out deals online, in second hand stores and other ways.

What Exactly Is A Solar Panel?

A solar panel is basically a shallow box that is designed to absorb the power of the sun. That power is what generates the electricity for the home. Small cells collect said power and then as the power is used these cells drain until they are empty. Since the cells are powered by the sun they are constantly being renewed during the day. Even a cloudy day can provide energy to a solar panel. This makes solar energy perfect for those living in areas with a lot of sun or filtered sun.

What Do I Do With Extra Power?

If you are one of the lucky people who live in one of the 35 states that will buy back solar power when you have an excess, you may be in a more lucrative situation than you originally thought. Not only will you no longer have an electric bill, you’ll also be selling your excess power to the state. Be sure to check your local state information for these details.

I Don’t Want My Neighbors to Know I Use Solar Power

Many solar panels are built right into the lighting units themselves. Thus, even with the naked eye your neighbors won’t necessarily know you’re using solar power. Your outdoor lighting may look just like there and only you need to know that it’s solar powered.

How Do I Know If I’m running Low on Power?

A simple gage can easily be installed to keep track of how full your solar cells are. As long as you have plenty of solar panels chances are you’ll never run out of power.

Do Solar Panels Come In Kits and Are They Cost Effective?

Yes, solar panels do come in kits and they are very cost effective. Additionally, many kits are designed to work together so it’s easy to combine kits and get exactly the amount of power one desires.

Must I Do The Entire Home In Solar Power?

No, most people who use DIY Solar Panels start small and work their way up. They may only use solar power to power their outside lighting, or they may only use it for the garage. Slowly, over time, they may add in more areas of the home to solar power. Many people prefer to start small like this and work their way up as they understand it more and more.

Where Is The Best Place To Install Solar Panels?

Most experts recommend that you install solar panels in a southern exposure either on a rooftop or ground based. This still leaves a lot of leeway as to installation and location. Most people who use solar panels live in the northern hemisphere and take advantage of long days in the warmer months to provide for their lighting.

In short, anyone who desires solar power can find a way to use it by starting small and working their way up to larger and larger projects.