The Most Important Solar Energy Facts

Solar Energy Facts

Electric bills just seem to be increasing year after year this fact alone should be motivating more people to start turning to alternative ways of providing essential energy into their homes. Solar energy is a viable alternative for you to consider. It has unfortunately been reported that many people are have been put off by the use of solar energy due to the costs involved in the installation process.

Important solar energy facts to consider are that this source of energy is complex when you are looking at providing your home with the right type of energy source. When you have a better understanding on how solar energy can work for you. You will be able to make an informed decision from the limitations and benefits that solar energy can offer you.

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1.The System needs to be in the right Position

Residential solar energy panels are usually placed onto roofs this will provide your system with the correct exposure to sunlight. Placing the system on the roof can also help to save you on valuable space in your home. It is advisable that your solar system will receive the most light possible every day.

Panels that can receive the most sunlight are ones that are made to face towards the South and should be sitting at a 45 degree angle. If your home is designed in such a way that the solar panels will be ineffective when placed on the roof. You may want to consider installing your system on the ground where the panels will receive the most light. Panels can additionally be installed on a pole and some systems are advanced enough will move with the path that the sun takes everyday for maximum exposure.

The importance of these solar energy facts is that your system will need to receive the most light as possible everyday in order for the energy to provide your home with adequate use. It is advisable to ensure that your system is far away from shaded or vegetation areas.

2.Keep your normal Electricity running

Another important solar energy facts is that you should stay on your grid from where you originally got your power source from. You may need the use of normal electricity from time to time when your solar energy is not providing you with enough energy to run your home in an efficient manner. This back up can ensure that you never run into spots of not having power for a few days.

Another advantage of keeping on your grid is that you could sell off your excess electricity that has not been used to your local electric company. You can sell this electricity at a competitive rate, you will need to have a net metering type system installed that will be able to supply the grid with any additional power.

For the safety of your home and your family it is always advisable to ensure that you will always have a second option of electricity on hand. Solar energy can become a problem in areas that receive little or no sunshine in the winter months. Rainy seasons can also affect the efficiency and power source of your system. Having a back up source of energy in place can give you peace of mind that you are always covered for vital electricity.

3. Consider a Hybrid Solar Energy source

Most traditional type systems will use only sunlight in order to generate the power needed in your home. This may cause a problem in the months that experience reduction in sunlight such as the winter months. This reduction in light could play havoc with the production of much needed energy for your home.

A hybrid system that combines the usage of wind and solar energy may be a solution to this type of problem. You may find that the wind is probably stronger in the winter months so the turbine associated with the wind power system can help to provide energy that the solar panels have lost. In the summer time your solar panels can take over giving you the best source of energy possible.

You can invest in a hybrid system that has a generator attached so that if sunlight and wind have become a problem you can always switch to the generator. The generator can get you through stages that your hybrid system is failing to provide you with enough energy for your home.

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How to make your Home Solar Ready

When you invest in solar panels the price is determined by a kilowatt you will need to establish how much power you will need in order to run your home. Below are some solar energy facts for you to consider in getting the best use out of solar panels.

-Provide your home with the correct insulation in the roof and ensure all windows and doors are in good working order.

-Insulate windows and provide your home with weather stripping.

-Upgrade to appliances that are more energy efficient. It may seem expensive in the beginning but can save you on many costs involved with electricity usage in the long run. Switch to a gas stove and replace your fridge, washing machine and dishwasher to ones that provide you with the best use and save on energy.

-Replace all light bulbs to the energy saver types.

-Unplug any appliances in your home that you may not be using.

-Ensure that you switch off lights in rooms that are not in use.

-Switch off your geyser at night time, the geyser can provide you with hot water without having to be on at all times.

-Run your pool pump on a timer, this a great energy saving tip.

-Have an audit done on your home to establish areas that are draining power.

Having solar energy in place of traditional electricity can ensure that you save on a lot of money in the long run. You will be contributing to the environment and a better way of living for you and your family. Switch to solar energy today for a better life tomorrow.

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