Yosisun 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel Reviews

Solar panels are a convenient solution for generating green power. Displaying new generation technologies and reduced dimensions, they enable a relative independence from the main power grid and solve issues related to costly power bills where necessary. The Yosisun 100W Watts Polycrystalline Solar Panels are a good choice when looking for an affordable, yet efficient solution to switch to green/renewable energy.

Product Features which recommend the Yosisun 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

The Yosisun solar panels have a rated output voltage of 12V. Can be used for residences as well as for vehicles, due to their reduced weight and dimensions.

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Solar Cell Efficacy – the polycrystalline Yosisun cells boost a high 17.5% and above percentage of efficacy which although it is not the highest performance in this type of products it does rank them high in the top of solar panels. Furthermore, the company guarantees good performance in low light environment, which makes them suitable for a great variety of homes and climates. It must be noted that they have been standard tested for 1000W/m2 irradiance, module temperature of 25o and A.M. of 1.5 (this spectrum represents the cell aimed directly at the sun during noon around spring or autumn equinoxes). The dust and dirt, as well as cloudy weather can influence the amount of energy produced. It is recommended to clean them regularly with water and a gentle detergent for maximum performance.

Durability – the company offers a 5 years performance guarantee for 95% of the minimum rated power, 10 years for 90% of the minimum rated power and 25 years performance guarantee for 80% of the minimum rated power which is higher than what the other companies offer (an average of 20 years). The physical device is guaranteed 5 years after the purchase. However, it is important to install and care for the panels properly in order to receive the aforementioned guarantee.

Ready-to-install panels – the panels are delivered with all the necessary items for an easy installation, so that the process is smooth. The installation can be done by specialized firms or by the client himself.

Positive output tolerance – the 0% to +3% tolerance indicates the fact that the panels will produce between 100W and 103W. A positive tolerance also signals a reliable product which will offer constant electricity, with minimum chances of variation in favorable conditions.

Highly resistant – the Yosisun 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel is designed to function properly in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius and can resist in winds of up to 2400Pa. The surface maximum load capacity is 5400 Pa for snow, a standard capacity for most of the residential solar panels available.

Dimensions – the 39.5×26.3×1.4 inches (1005x668x35mm) solar panel features 36 cells displayed in 9 rows of four cells. Each cell measures 156 x 156 mm. The panels weigh 22 pounds (10kg), which makes them easy to maneuver and install, even in harder to reach areas.

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Interconnectivity – the open-circuit voltage is 22.68V and the maximum system voltage is 600 VDC (which means that a user can interconnect up to 26 panels for maximum comfort).

Customer Scores and Reviews for the Yosi Sun 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Currently the product scores a five out of five score which ranks it among the best rated products in its category. However, the fact that the score is based on solely two reviews may leave room for doubts or raised eyebrows.


Easy installation – clients are extremely satisfied with the easiness of the assembly. The panels come with ground connection for safe use and with mounting brackets for an easy put on. This saves money on the short term and makes solar power more affordable for normal families.

Good quality – the panels are made in high quality materials. The 3.2 mm (.13 in) sturdy tempered glass with anodized aluminum alloy frame makes the solar panels give the solar panels a durable aspect. The products have successfully handled transportation, without experiencing any deterioration during the shipping process.

Good value for the price – the 100W solar panels produced by Yosisun are the most affordable panels in their range. Their current price is a little over $100, which makes them acceptable for low income families.


Since the product features only sparkling reviews, it may be fair to say that there are no cons to list. However, the fact that the company is at its beginnings in producing solar power equipment is a drawback for some. As some clients have noted, without prior models to prove their durability, only time will tell how these solar panels will pass the weather and wear tests.

Solar Panel Reviews Conclusion

The Yosisun 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel is cost-effective and represent a proper solution for RV, car, marine and boat battery charging. They offer good quality for an affordable price. Even though the company producing them is young, the technology used and materials employed, along with the 25 years guarantee, ensure a good wear and performance along time.