What You Should Know When Choosing an Environmentally Conscious Waste Removal Company

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Are you searching for a company specialising in waste management in Perth? Choosing the right company is crucial and there are lots of factors to consider. You want to make sure that they are going to look after your needs, adhere to government regulations and offer a competitive price. You also need to be mindful of their effect on the environment and whether they sort their waste in a recycling centre in Perth. There are many things that determine a quality waste removal service but here are a couple of things you should be aware of before making your decision.

How do we I know where and how the waste is disposed of?

As an ethical leader of your business it should be of prime importance that you’re aware of how your waste is being disposed of. If your waste is found to be illegally or unethically disposed of , ignorance won't be much of a defence. It won't protect your reputation nor will it prevent penalties from being enacted. Therefore, it is essential that you check with your waste provider so you can be assured that everything is being disposed of wisely and that whatever can be recycled and sent to a recycling centre in Perth. This reduces the impact your business has on the landfills and ensures as little waste reaches there as possible.

How do you deal with different types of waste?

As with any business you will likely produce numerous different types of rubbish. For example an architectural firm would produce different types of waste in the office and in the construction sites. In the office they may produce waste predominantly made of paper and cardboard (through kitchens are likely to result in food waste as well) whereas construction sites are likely to have a lot heavier waste in need of construction and demolition recycling. The way that waste recycling companies collect these types of waste varies.

Before organising a company to deal with your waste management in Perth, you need to figure out how they differentiate between these waste types that have drastically different requirements. Do they provide a variety of bins for each material so different bins for paper, plastics, glass, sand and rubble among other things. These are alright but they do require more effort on your part as you’ll need to make sure that only the correct types of waste go in the bins.

Alternatively, getting a skip bin for hire in Perth that consists of commingled bins are another option. With commingled bins, many waste types can be added to the bin. This is of course simpler for you but it’s important to know what is done to separate the waste. You should know whether the company have a system for organising their waste or if they sort it at a Recycling centre Perth.

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